Elizabeth April created the Cosmic Society membership because she wanted to help people at different stages in their awakening. The Seeker level is for anyone questioning, beginning to dip their toes into new ideas. 


The Awakener is all about deep diving into your spiritual journey! With infinite amounts of information let’s just explore it all!! Within the Awakener tier, you get access to hundreds of videos, blogs and podcasts which deep dive into your innermost curiosities. Many of the videos have never been released to the public! Here are just a few of the topics you will experience under this tier: Agendas/ Conspiracy, Light/ Dark/ Polarity, 3D/5D, Psychic Abilities, Energy Work and more!! 

Each month Elizabeth April will receive a download that needs to be shared with the world, she will then pre-record this download and share it with The Awakeners based on what they need at that time.

The Creator is not just about “knowing” it’s truly about experiencing. At this point in your journey, you will be passed much of the anxiety and collapse that comes along with ascension. You will have stepped away from the character, understood the position of the player and are fully ready to become the PROGRAMMER of your life! This means, becoming the creator. It’s not an easy task, but this Creator curated content will help you get there! Here are some of the many topics you will have access to in this tier, not to mention access to all the other topics in the lower tiers: Alien’s, Extraterrestrial & Interdimensionals, Galactic Federation of Light, The Quantum World, Soul missions and more!!

As the Creator, you get entered monthly for a 30 minutes session draw with Elizabeth. Along with monthly meditations, How-to Videos and so much more!

Both the Awakener and Creator tiers are invited to our Q&A Live Video held on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month and our Coaching Call which is held monthly on the 22nd.

Both tiers offer a lot of content I did not mention here, please follow this link and read through our Cosmic Society landing page for more information: https://social.elizabethapril.com/87EWnBcA