If you have been contacted by Elizabeth April on Instagram or Facebook for a reading, session or giveaway, please note that this is NOT legit. 

Elizabeth has stopped holding private sessions just over a year ago.  There are a number of FAKE Instagram and Facebook accounts online right now that are contacting people asking for money in exchange for a session or reading. We are working very hard to certify Elizabeth April's official account and have all of these imposter accounts removed.


Elizabeth April has an open Facebook and Instagram page that anyone can join, and she will NEVER reach out and ask you for money. Here is a direct link to EA's Official Instagram for reference: https://www.instagram.com/elizabeth.april/


If you encounter another account like this in the future, please take a moment to report the scam account to Instagram or Facebook to help other starseeds as well. 


That being said if you are interested in connecting with EA, we can recommend checking out Elizabeth April's YouTube Membership Page! She is now holding Member ONLY Zoom Coaching Calls where you have the chance to chat with Elizabeth on Zoom to get some of your most pressing questions answered. 


The membership is only $9.99 a month Ad Free and you can sign up in the link below!




Elizabeth has also created an incredible Discord channel with over 4,000+ lightworkers and a multitude of channels and topics to dive into.  Discord is free to join and will connect you with thousands of high vibrational beings like yourself! 

Click Here to join: https://discord.com/invite/g47gBEhpQS