If you have been contacted by Elizabeth April on Instagram, Facebook, or any other method of contact for a reading or a session, this is a scam and a fraudulent account! Please never give personal information or send money to these accounts. Elizabeth will never reach out to you personally to solicit readings, money, etc. 


Elizabeth no longer provides private sessions.  


There are a number of FAKE Instagram and Facebook accounts online right now that are contacting people asking for money in exchange for a session or reading. Please keep in mind that Elizabeth’s Facebook page has been certified with the ‘Blue Checkmark” and her Instagram which has well over 100k followers is also close to being certified. 


 Here is a direct link to EA's Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/elizabeth.april/


If you encounter a suspicious account, please consider taking the following steps:


  1. Screenshot their profile, make sure their profile name/handle is visible.

  2. If they contact you and/or if you have replied, please screenshot and save that conversation.

  3. Please send all screenshots and any other important information to our support team. You may e-mail them at support@elizabethapril.com 

  4. Report the fraudulent account to Instagram, Facebook etc., this will help other Starseeds stay safe as well!


Stay safe and thank you for being a part of this community!!